Bình chữa cháy Aerosol khí AGS 6-2

Bình chữa cháy Aerosol khí AGS 6-2

  • Mã số: AGS 6-2
  • Giá: Liên hệ
  • Bảo hành: 24 Tháng

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AGS 6-2

Được thiết kế để tạo ra hỗn hợp khí dùng ở nồng độ cần thiết để ngăn chặn một đám cháy.

Được khuyến cáo dùng cho hệ thống chữa cháy, các cơ sở khối lượng trung bình.




    The generator is a small cylinder with a metal case, on the lateral surface of which are located the outlets in a certain order. The contact cooler inside the body of the generator allows for the creation of the aerosol stream of low temperature.

    Principle of operation:

    By applying an electrical or thermal pulse to the activation unit, a solid aerosol charge is ignited. Combustion products passing through the contact cooler go through the outlets of the generator in the protected space.

    Manufacturer’s warranty:

    The manufacturer guarantees the generator to abide by the technical requirements and Russian standards if the consumer adheres to the conditions specified in the instruction manual.

    The warranty period for the generator – 18 months.

    Utilization Period – 5 years.

    Lifetime – 10 years.

Maximum protected volume conditionally sealed room 
(d * <0,001 m-1) 52 m3
Curb weight of the generator 14.0 kg
Weight aerosol charge 3.5 kg
Working time 40
Width 294 mm
Height 420 mm
Activation unit BP-7.5-7.5 VRTH VEE, VELTH
Resistance of the activation unit 7.5± 0.8 ohm 2.5 – 4 ohm
Minimum start-up current 0.4 А
Starting voltage 8 – 30 1.5 – 24
The duration of the trigger pulse not less than 1.5 sec not less than 0.1 sec
The inertia of the generator start <1.5 sec
Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature Range ± 50 °С.
relative humidity at 25 ° C. 98 %
mechanical influences (in the frequency range up to 100 Hz) 1g
Classes of fire-fighting






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